SMS is the Best!

We can’t deny that text messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication.

So texting might be the best medium for businesses to engage potential customers and retain existing ones. One thing’s for sure, SMS is a must have for a successful overall mobile marketing effort as it acts as a campaign driver.

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Why SMS is a must?

People are sick of seeing their inboxes filled with SPAM and unsolicited email, that is why email marketing is in decline and simply does not produce the results it once did.

With Cloud Telecom we tailor an SMS marketing campaign that will not only see your response rate increase but also your bottom line! People read their SMS messages in much higher frequency than any other communication medium available today.

We provide you with cutting edge SMS campaigns such as text2win, subscriber lists
and SMS auto responders, SMS broadcasts, SMS coupons and much more.
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Why SMS Surveys works!

SMS Surveys are a powerful and innovative data collection tool. They allow you to obtain important feedback from your clients, customers, and employees in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. On top of this, SMS surveys allow for evidence-based decision making that can help any business address their failures, strengths or pain points that may be affecting their client’s customer experience.

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Text Marketing is Viral

of SMS messages get forwarded to friends

Instant Impressions

of SMS messages are read within 1 minute

Everyone Reads Your Ad

of SMS messages get read overall

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    Engage with your customers by scheduling and sending bulk text messages.


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    Run contests and watch your customers eagerly join “Opt-in” lists to win big prizes!


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    Do your market research by getting valuable customer feedback.


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    Provide fast and reliable customer support with text messages.



    SMS Coupons

    We will send out text blasts to your customers with unique SMS coupons. The coupons have a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode, promotion code which can be scanned from the mobile device or redeemed right at the register.

    Loyalty Programs

    We will build your brand by creating unique loyalty SMS text marketing programs. For example, we can build you an SMS text marketing program that will give your customers discounts when they make a certain amount of purchases, like a “punch-card”.

    Social Media

    Social Media Plug-ins

    We send your special offers and sales directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages because by displaying your offers on these social networks you can increase offer participation among your customers.


    Do you need an easy fun way to remind your customers of an upcoming appointment? Our SMS Appointment reminder service will help save you thousands of dollars in missed appointment

    Polls And SurveyPolls and Surveys

    Let us run a mobile poll for your live events and other business needs that give you fast, hands-on feedback from your customer base. Consult your customers on decisions which can affect your business!

    Messages and Alerts

    With our SMS marketing alerts we will notify your customers about special offers and deals and ensure your customers are up-to-date with new offerings and products.

    Lead GeneratorOpt-In Lead Generation

    We will hook prospects when they express their interest in something like buying a car, buying a house, or subscribing to your services. With this information, we will build you a valuable “Opt-in” list of customers who are interested in your brand, products and services.

    Text to winText 2 Win

    We will create an SMS sweepstakes for your “Opt-in” customers to play and win. We will assign the contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text a response within a specific time-frame. You decide and we implement!

    Birthday Wishes

    With SMS Marketing we can send automatic birthday wishes to your customers to help build brand loyalty and awareness. Also include a birthday coupon or special, your customers will love it!

    Full ReportingFull Reporting

    We will give you a full report of your Coupon “views” and redemptions, survey results, opt-in list development, and campaign delivery confirmations. We will help you make sense of this data to refine your programs for increased success and business growth.

    TEst to ScreenText 2 Screen

    Use text 2 screen for live events to increase audience engagement via SMS marketing. Have audience members text in their messages to have their text messages displayed on a screen for all to see. Works great for live event venues and night life clients such as bars and clubs.

    Real EstateReal Estate and Vehicle Listings

    We will harness potential buyers when they text your keyword or scan a QR code to have complete property listing or vehicle information sent back via SMS, while at the same time building your “Opt-in” lists.

    Get Started Now

    Our SMS platform doesn’t just simply send out a few text messages and calls it a day. With our advanced suite of SMS marketing tools, we help you launch a fully functional and successful SMS marketing campaign. And when we combine SMS with Mobile Websites, NFC Marketing, Proximity Marketing, Mobile Wallet Loyalty and Wifi Marketing technologies, your marketing campaign becomes an unstoppable machine! CLICK HERE to register for a FREE SMS test account!