“You don´t need a creditcard to pay – only your mobile!” Our ProSMS platform now with new Payment API.

Today, Friday 9th September 2016 we have updated our ProSMS platform and also added our new Payment API.

That means we can now offer merchants Payment Services from Strex for both SMS Payment and Direct Payment.

SMS Payment Service (also known as Premium SMS/PSMS) has been been available for many years and this payment method  is available for all buyers via their mobile phone, whether it is a new smartphone or an old “NOKIA”.
Just SMS a “keyword” to a 4-digit short code and pay for the service or goods.

Direct Payment is even more simple, type in your mobile number on a web page, Click the “Buy” button and that´s it.
This service can also be implemented in your App as one of the available payment methods.
Some examples are the “EasyPark App”, VG+, finn.no, #Ruter and Fortum.

For more information call us on +47 69 00 67 00 or send an email to: info@cloudtelecom.no