Ready to turn your customer feedback into action?

See why the world’s leading brands use GetFeedback to understand and improve their customer experience.

Skip questions and vary content based on a customer’s responses

Personalize survey greetings and language with merge fields

Add your brand logos, fonts, colors, and even custom URLs

Measure the customer experiences that matter most with powerful survey software, intelligent alerts, and real-time analytics.

Give your customers a voice across every channel, on every device.
Deliver dynamic surveys that work for your customers.

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    General Features

    Cloud Telecom cooperate with world-leading companies that develop the best tools for surveys. Their solutions are loved by leading brands. Over 10,000 companies use GetFeedback to measure, understand and improve customer experience. Over 10,000 companies use GetFeedback to measure, understand and improve customer experience.


    Maintain Your Brand

    Use your existing logo, headers, pictures, and background.
    Connect it to your CRM

    Update your CRM content in real-time. Salesforce integration available.
    Mobile Compatible

    Guaranteed to work on smartphones and mobile devices anywhere in the world.
    Full Analytics

    We track the surveys with complete analytics and reporting through the “built-in Analytic tool”.
    Mobile Optimization

    The survey works on PC, Mac, laptops, iPad, tablets, and smartphones. We can
    build an SMS Survey for you. Tell us what you want, and we build it for you!
    Global Reach

    You can send out the survey to any customer whether it is on a local or global base.
    Search for knowledge

    We make sure you get the Feedback you are looking for so you can get more satisfied customers and even better results your business.
    Unlimited Possibilities

    We will work with you to give you a custom solution which effectively proptes your brand and services.


    Mobile Navigation

    Custom Layout

    We organize your questions in user-friendly pages.
    Content Managed

    We can seamlessly convert the current content of your surveys and email it to you for further actions.
    Mobile Compatible

    We will create beautiful ‘Mobile -Friendly’ surveys that properly display on smaller screens.
    Mobile Reservation

    We can integrate with other programs to enable your customers to easily book a time slot with your salespeople.
    Special Events

    We will enable a calendar to schedule in and distribute your surveys to your Customers. Keep your customers up-to-date by sending them an SMS with a survey after their visit to your event.
    Promotions and Coupons

    Instantly release coupons, daily specials, exclusive offers, customer loyalty rewards, and all promotions directly through your mobile site!
    Photo Albums

    Upload and share photos of your business successes with customers.

    For companies with multiple locations, we offer a “Find Near Me” GPS radius search, which will connect customers to your closest location.
    1-Click Phone Calls

    Allow customers to call your business by simply pressing a button. Track all calls made through your site.
    Mobile Contact Page

    We will include a user-friendly contact page for your customers to reach out and give valuable feedback.


    Social Media


    Encourage customers to ‘Like’ your Facebook page and increase fans!

    Display tweets, schedule retweets and increase Twitter followers!

    A direct link to Foursquare allows customers to check-in at your location and write instant reviews.

    Encourage Customers to connect to your LinkedIn business profile for inquiries and opportunities.

    You and your customers can easily share images of good times at your business with Flickr.

    Display your YouTube videos to increase engagement and build subscribers. Let the world connect with you!
    Your Blog

    Blogs are a great Communication tool in today’s internet driven society. Share your thoughts on WordPress and get heard!
    Group Deals

    Link to Groupon, LivingSocial, DealFind and all online marketing deals!


    Customer Reviews

    Google Places


    Urban Spoon

    Trip Advisor

    Cloud Telecom will provide you with a stunning, premium SMS surveys that will effectively convert old, existing and new customers to loyal customers by engaging your customers and instinctively meeting their needs by collecting what they mean and think about you and your products.